1. Loki speaks on Scottish Independence and waking up democracy

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  2. tomboybklyn:

    gold bomber… love!


  3. scottbegg:

    This video is from December 2013, but in it Alan Bissett fairly accurately predicts Westminster’s faux “new powers” announcements. The rest of the video then sets out what I consider the likely outcome of a no vote. If you don’t think its terrifying, then good luck!



  5. Raymond Pettibon, No Title (The bright flatness), 2003

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  6. hansnostdahl:

    "Norge", Oslo, 2014




  9. masterpiecedaily:

    Francisco de Goya

    Witches’ Flight


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  10. onepainting:

    Maureen Gallace
    Cross Hill Road, Winter, 2002
    oil on panel 28 x 35.5 cm

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